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Analog Photography Exhibition

In Youth lies the power to create a World where everything is possible. 

In Youth nestles the belief of an eternal imaginary. 

Hope bearer, Youth is everywhere in movement.

It is movement. 


This series of photographs highlights themes that strikes this Youth. 

Questioning Identity through its Faces. 

Meeting with Freedom through Travel. 

Learning about the Beauty of Life through the Poetry that surrounds it. 

Don't get me wrong, though. This is not about age. "Cool Kids Never Die" is a tribute to the Youth that lives in each of us; that we choose to let go, or to whom we choose to give a last dance, even while older.


Let this Eternal Youth be your guide through this photographic journey, where Beauty is fed by Freedom.

Looking forward to meet you there,


Vagabond artist, Lily has been living on the road for two years, her film camera slung over her shoulder. During her various journeys around the world, she captures her encounters and finds what she calls the soul

of the Eternal Youth.

Her first exhibition "Cool Kids Never Die" tries to draw a common thread between all these nations: its youth. Pell-Mell, one finds there clichés resulting from her meetings during her road-trips in the Californian deserts or in the Australian outback. From cold urban landscapes of Eastern Europe, to the freshness of spring in the Japanese countryside. But also her city, Paris, through Pigalle.

This exhibition showcases bright colors, raw portraits, confusing double exposures and the grain of her old Nikon FM2, which was gifted to her not so long ago. Lily's approach of photography is deeply connected to feelings, emotions and poetry. Trough her background of Psychologist, she is moved by emotional stories of people she photographs. She captures instants. She captures sensations. 


The theme of this exhibition is related to her own story as, after working in a big company in Paris, she quitted everything to travel and live the Life, the true adventure of Youth. 

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