Essensual is the first sex-positive artist agency. In immersive conversation with creatives, we will expose how appreciation for, and disrupting the commercialisation of, both art and sexuality will propel gender equality. 
In a time where conventional ways of sex-education are failing, we open your mind to the beauty of sexuality and sensuality through art performance, comfort and open conversation.

"Art is Political, from my point of view.

Because when you create something, you show your way of seeing things and world, and you start changing it.
Starting from that, all artists are, for me, committed or activists on their own way. Creation has an impact on the World and on the people that surround it.
Because you are creating something missing in your world. It means that you're pointing something is missing.


We are the people, we are the voice saying that there's something missing. And what is Politics?
Finding out what is missing to people in order to make them live better in community.
And for example, what do urban artists do when they draw on the wall or on the floor? The artists create what they do miss. They miss poetry and hope in their own place, so they create it.
The artists definitely do Politics. And they need to be listened. As well as the people.
That's why artists are so important in any kind of Society.


Projecting positivity can lead to a change.
Projecting sex-positivity in a World where hate crimes kill when your sexuality does not fit the standard, is a necessity.

And when all others ways to communicate fail, what is better than trying Art?"